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 The Powdered Cow, Rozi Plain and Whalebone Polly on HD Blu-ray disk

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PostSubject: The Powdered Cow, Rozi Plain and Whalebone Polly on HD Blu-ray disk   Fri 18 Sep 2009, 09:20

The Powered Cow are a band from Christchurch, Dorset with a Joy Division feel but quite unique. Rozi Plain is a radical future-folk artist, as are Rachael Dadd and Kate Stables. After meeting Kate and her manager I got permission to film using a broadcast quality HD video camera, and whilst I have the HD footage on three separate DVDs as soon as I can afford a blu-ray drive (the camera was expensive) I will copy some blu-ray and conventional disks and give them free to the artists involved, which they can sale for a profit. My only reward is having footage of a fantastic gig just as important as early Beatles/Velvet Underground or Eric's club footage. If their is any justice in this world (which there isn't, ask the Chameleons or Echo & the Bunnymen) they should all be massive. Whilst the Powdered Cow fits into a slightly more well known genre, the other artists might suffer from comparisons with the twee nature of mediocre folk acts, when a better comparison might be Jefferson Airplane or Magnet, but actually they are even more innovative and just as powerful, perhaps more so than the classic rock acts I admire!
Whilst I am making standard definition copies on conventional DVD, along with HD on DVD, just how many people own a blu-ray player? As a perfectionist I am getting one, but are they more for film fanatics? Does anyone have music videos on Blu-Ray, and are Elbow, considering their fame and sheer professionalism, ever going to release a concert on blu-ray in HD?-I would be the first customer.
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The Powdered Cow, Rozi Plain and Whalebone Polly on HD Blu-ray disk
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