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 Elbow action figures

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tower crane driver
tower crane driver

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PostSubject: Re: Elbow action figures   Sun 05 Jul 2009, 23:32

TamedLamia wrote:
mrswoman wrote:
Good one Ted! If memory serves I think TamedLamia has done a bit of South Parkery on the Elboys.
yea, it's strange how similar those south park stuff still looks... Very Happy
Here you can see my southpark-Elboys... What a Face

Your Elbow Park characters are wunderbar! Wirklich!
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tower crane driver
tower crane driver

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PostSubject: Re: Elbow action figures   Tue 07 Jul 2009, 14:13


I copied some quotes from the original post to commend it on-topic What a Face

sundaygirl wrote:
Wouldn't it be great to have a Guy Garvey stuffed doll? And when you squeezed his tummy he'd say things like "Mantra Luna!" and "Everyone still OK?"

Or is that weird? Rolling Eyes

Sarah wrote:
Do you not think? I'd find it weird if you had a doll of me that said things like "Bring me wine" and "Ooooh, but i could just murder a cupcake"!!!!

sundaygirl wrote:
I like what your action figure would say!!! I'm afraid mine would just say things like "Oooops." and "Whateverrrr..."

Or maybe "I'm Guy Garvey of Elbow, and this could be my finest hour!" Cool But the "everyone still ok" might fit best... Laughing

hilaryg wrote:
You know, if The Magic Numbers can do it (a friend of mine has a set).......

Aww, they are much cuter than the Barby-and-Ken-Style-Dolls of KISS Wink
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Elbow action figures
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